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Test Mode

The CCS must be capable of running in two modes: Test mode and Real mode. When running in Test mode, the CCS must display prominently on every client a notice that it is in Test mode.

Run Submission Interface

The CCS must provide a mechanism by which team submission of runs can be scripted for automated testing. In other words, the CCS must provide a command-line based interface allowing an external program to submit a run to the CCS.

The command-line run submission interface must provide mechanism for specifying all parameters that would be specified by a team utilizing the corresponding interactive interface, including that the command-line interface must accept and perform validation of user credentials before accepting a run.

The requirements of this subsection are intended to provide a method by which the World Finals Director of Operations can perform automated testing on the CCS during the Certification Process. The CCS implementers should assume that the scriptable run submission interface will be invoked multiple times in rapid succession, with arbitrary parameters, by external scripts; care should therefore be taken by the implementers to avoid any design or implementation characteristics which limit or prohibit the ability of an external Test Harness framework to operate in this manner.

Run Submission Command Line Parameters

At a minimum the run submission command line interface must implement the following switches:

-p <problem short-name>
-l <language name>
-u <team id>
-w <team password>
-m <main source filename>
-t <contest-time (in ms) for submission>
-i <run id>

Options -p, -l, -u, and -w are mandatory for all submissions. The switch -m is only required if needed by the language set using -l. The -t and -i switches are optional. The CCS may implement additional switches.

The CCS may assume that runs submitted via the Run Submission Interface which contain the -t parameter will be submitted in increasing timestamp order.

Timestamp Handling

When the CCS is running in Real mode and receives a run via the Run Submission Interface, any timestamp provided via the -t parameter must be ignored and the CCS must apply a timestamp to the submitted run as specified in the section describing timestamps.

When the CCS is running in Test mode and receives a run via the Run Submission Interface containing a timestamp specified with a -t parameter, it must use the timestamp specified by the -t parameter in the run as the timestamp for the run, as long as it is higher than any previously assigned timestamp, regardless of the current actual time.