Contest Security

From ICPC-Contest Control Standard

Contest Security

This document is a first pass (draft!) at documenting ICPC contest security: who should have access to what information (data), and when.


- Contest freeze is the time (typically 1h before the end of a contest) after which the contest scoreboard is frozen and submission judgments are no longer public.


To keep things simple, access to contest information is provided via roles. Each person (user id) is granted access by being associated with one or more roles. The roles are:

- Blue - Access to all information inside the blue network: videos, submissions, etc. from all teams, even after contest freeze.
- Green - What a person could see onsite at the finals
- Public - Unsecured information with full public access. Potentially available via http over the internet.



- only visible after contest start


- after contest freeze, ***

Video (desktop & webcam)

- not visible after contest freeze