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This page describes a draft interface for controlling the contest start time in a CCS. It is initially intended to be used by the Contest Data Server to allow an admin to control the start of a contest, but is meant to be reusable for other clients as well.

Usage notes:

  • The interface is implemented as an HTTP REST interface.
  • Basic authentication and HTTPS are required. User id/password is provided by the CCS and should be the same as the Draft 2014 REST interface for source code fetching
  • The specific base URL will be dependent on the server providing the service and will be indicated as baseurl.
  • Absolute times are always in decimal seconds since the Unix epoch: Jan 1, 1970 UTC.

Interface specification

The URL for controlling the contest start time is always the same:


Changing the start time is always done via PUT, which is the only operation implemented for 2014. Options for a future GET interface are also listed.

When a PUT changes the value, the CCS must output a new <info> element to the event feed.


PUT HTTP body is application/json:

  • { "starttime":1265335138.26 }


  • { "starttime":"undefined" }

HTTP response is:

  • 200: if successful.
  • 400: if the payload is invalid json, start time is invalid, etc.
  • 401: if authentication failed.
  • 403: if contest is already started
  • 403: if setting to 'undefined' with less than 10s left to previous start time.
  • 403: if setting to new (defined) start time with less than 30s left to previous start time.
  • 403: if the new start time is less than 30s from now.


GET HTTP body returns application/json:

  • { "starttime":1265335138.26 }


  • { "starttime":"undefined" }