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Scoreboard JSON File


Since 2012 a JSON version of the scoreboard has been provided using an ad-hoc format. This scoreboard is not yet officially supported. It will most likely be provided in 2014. The format may change. This page describes the current version.


Each JSON output is created is an JSON array with zero or more JSON objects. Each object in the array corresponds to a scoreboard row. The output will be in a single long JSON string.

Sample JSON if no teams defined


Each row object includes information about the team, the problems they have submitted on and scoring information. The rows are ordered by the teams' positions according to the ICPC WF scoring rules. This example is formatted in order to better show the example, the actual JSON does not need to include line breaks. The example is truncated and shows just the top two teams.

 [ {"id":"61","rank":1,"solved":9,"score":1170,"name":"St. Petersburg State University of IT, Mechanics and Optics","group":"Europe",
   {"id":"103","rank":2,"solved":8,"score":1176,"name":"University of Warsaw","group":"Europe",

General Format for row objects

The format of a scoreboard row object is


where (...)* implies zero or more occurances and (...)? implies zero or one occurance.

Fields and examples for sequence, team and problem JSON members
Name Key Description Example Type
team_id id Team number 3 integer
Rank rank rank in contest 12 integer
problems_solved solved number problems solved 5 integer
team_score score team score / penalty 324 integer
University_name name University/team name Oxford University String
Group_name group Group/Region name Europe String
Problem_letter (N/A) letter for problem D upper case char [A-Z]
Attempts a number of judged attempts for problem (thus not those pending judgement) 3 Integer
Elapsed_time t time when solved 143 Integer
Pending p pending runs count 2 Integer
Results_phase s results/info about run solved String: "tried", "solved", "first", "pend"

The key "p" is only present if Result_phase is "pend" and the key "t" is only present if the Result_phase is "solved".